Gregor The Overlander By Suzanne Collins: Character Analysis

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“He had to leap, and by his death the others would live.” In the compelling fantasy story Gregor The Overlander, by Suzanne Collins, Gregor the main character’s courageous acts to save his father from the Underland will not only heavily inspire you, but also chill you to the bone. At first I thought Gregor was weak and depressed, not wanting to go on another day. It was a horrible judgement. When he learned his dad was still alive somewhere in the Underland he was filled with so much courage to go and save him, that he would lay his own life on the line. Along with courage this book presents you with lessons about friendship, prejudice, war, courage, strength, hope and perseverance. Gregor and all of the other characters courage was the most inspiring part though. Everyone’s courage and perseverance throughout all of the deaths and hardships they faced during their quest, and how they kept their head high through all the hardships has taught me not only to give up, but to always believe in hope. I agree with this because if.

When you hear the word courage you think of some great warrior about to take down the most treacherous
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In fact he had such a deficit in strength it would be hard for anyone to believe that he had courage, but his positive attitude to get his sister away from the aberrant place showed that his courage was the one that gave you the ability to move on without any strength. In these types of situations that courage is the only way to survive. His courage wasn’t the only reason though, he wouldn't have gained that courage if he hadn’t had such a strong solicitude for his baby sister. The thing I like most about Gregor was his unique ability to have a change in courage at the snap of a finger. The courages that Gregor expresses throughout the story are the courages that are required to make a difference is other people's lives and maybe even the
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