Gregory Aziz Case Study

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1) Who is Gregory Aziz? Gregory James Aziz is National Steel Car’s President, Chairman & CEO. NSC is one of the North American and world’s leader companies in railroad freight car design and production. He also is the Chief Executive Officer of National Industries, Inc. Greg Aziz also works as the Chairman of National Industries, Inc., but he is enamored by National Steel Car, that’s the company he’s more proud of and dedicates entirely to. Asides from his passionate work at NSC, Greg and his wife Irene are known for their commitment to the community, as they are sponsors of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Canada’s most prominent agricultural fair. Gregory J Azis was born in London, Ontario on April 30, 1949. He was schooled at Ridley College …show more content…

Only one month later, the enterprise was retitled The National Steel Car Company. The initial years of National Steel Car's manufacture exceeded the prospects of its stockholders. The company began producing at the right time, when Canadian rolling stock purchases reached a record high in 1913. The Company was famous for its unimpeachable timing, so it began dealing with a great amount of box car purchases from Canadian Pacific Railway, and from Canadian Northern …show more content…

Thanks to that commitment and its unyielding pursuit of fineness in production and developing and an impressive commitment to deliver top notch products, National Steel Car leads the business in innovation. National Steel Car’s upmost railcars are mass-produced on five completely cohesive assembly lines. Each line use high-tech manufacturing and concluding methods, like robotics, CNC parts production and semi-automated assemblage. National Steel Car’s plant in Hamilton, Ontario, proudly is the biggest railcar facility in North America. This ultramodern complex employs over 2,000 team members. This amazing complex makes the company able to produce diverse products and services such as boxcars (super duty and jumbo), coil cars (both longitudinal and transverse), flat cars, gondola cars (even coal cars). That isn’t all; they also produce a variety of products and equipment such as Fulcrum Brackets, Brake Piping, Handholds and Ladder Rounds, Trucks and Wheel Sets and Body

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