Gregory Hawkins Case

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Pedophile Pastor Gets Life Times Seven

It 's not every day that we hear about prison sentences are rejoice, especially when it 's a pastor being thrown in the tank. When the pastor has been a molester, however, it 's good to hear that justice still exists, even if it is a little late coming. has featured articles on a pastor from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who said he was in love with a 14-year old and was arrested, (twice!) for molesting her and getting her pregnant. Pastor Gregory Hawkins was finally sentenced to life in prison when the judge decided that Hawkins would only continue the abuse if he were allowed to be free. Hawkins was the Pastor of Zion Plaza Church and owner of the Zion Plaza Child Learning Center.

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Assistant District Attorney John Brasher told an entirely different story about Hawkins. One of true sickness and depravity. In his version of events, Hawkins asked the young teen to LIE ABOUT HER PARENTS ABUSING HER so she would get taken out of her home and put in foster care. He then arranged for one of his employees to be the foster care parent. He would then pick the young girl up from his employee 's house late at night and take her to various places to have sex with her. Once he got the young woman pregnant, he told her to get an abortion and not go to police. If she agreed, he would pay for her college and buy her a car and a house. She had the baby and gave it up for adoption.

The pastor asked the court for leniency and forgiveness saying he was really sorry for making a bad choice, and reminding the court of all the good he’s done in the community through his ministry.

Brasher summed up his request for life in prison, “He tends to manipulate situations and has manipulated the court system in the past and is doing that today."

Hawkins got a life sentence for each of the seven charges against him to be served consecutively. The young woman is not attending counseling and trying to complete her GED.

Per, "if you are sick of Pedophiles hiding behind the pulpit then join our effort to rid churches of men who were never called by God. Like our Facebook page or
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