Gregory Krieg's Argument Against Wall Street

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Wall Street is an issue that divides many Americans. There are those who feel that it is a system that leads to helping the rich become even richer while making the poor even poorer. The opposing side feels like the current system creates an atmosphere of job growth that will help the entire country. Even though those who are against Wall Street and those who are for Wall Street disagree on many issues, they can both agree that they both want to do something that will lead to a strong economic future for America.
One reason we need to increase regulations is due to the fact that Wall Street caused the financial crisis of 2008. Gregory Krieg in his article “11 Powerful Quotes From Bernie Sanders Showing He Is A Progressive Icon” lists a quote from Bernie Sanders, a senator from Vermont, where he said that the recession was not caused by common citizens such as firefighters or police officers, but rather by recklessness and illegal behavior by those who work on Wall Street (Krieg). Senator Sanders has long been an advocate against corrupt Wall Street behavior and the crisis of 2008 made his argument that Wall Street needs to be controlled even stronger. In another speech, he took on the argument that the banks were too big
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Barack Obama, the current president of the United States, stated ,in a speech during the 2008 election, that we need regulations so that we can help those on Main Street and Wall Street reach their full potential (“Obama: Help Main Street as well as Wall Street”). He wants to help both parties involved and wants a solution that protects Americans. Paul Krugman also talks about how regulations in the 1930s created financial stability for over fifty years (Krugman). Financial stability is key for job growth. Wall Street with government regulation might not be perfect, but it is the best solution for the
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