Gregory Of Tours Summary

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Audience: The audience that Gregory of Tours is trying to reach is anyone who will listen to his story of the Frank family. It could be any of the general public in the town or outsiders. Similarly, he is trying to reach generations to come; therefore, they know the good and the bad of the kings before them.
Purpose: The purpose of Gregory’s narrative of the Frank family is to show what the Frank’s have achieved, and conquered to become an empire. However, with victory comes responsibility. Gregory is also saying how the Frank family lost everything because of their greed. For example, King Clovis was the worst because he killed everyone who got in his way, even family. Clovis killed his family because he wanted the crown for himself. Overtime, it was not murder anymore it was a game to him. Gregory’s intentions were to show how Clovis converted to Christianity, but was the farthest away from being Christian.
Point of View: Gregory sees the Frank family as their own problem they have created over time. He does not seem to have interest with them unless they are in contact with the church. Gregory is constantly brings up a Saint or a Bishop in the Christian jargon he uses. He commemorates the miracles the Saint’s have given to those who believe in Christianity.
Format: The author, Gregory of Tours, had handwritten the history of the
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This is shown when Gregory quotes Paulinus,“ … you will see that we have excellent guardians of all our faith and religion, however great may be the evils of our age” (qtd. Paulinus 13). Paulinus is explaining that the church has protection by spiritual beings, but royalty is not worthy of being examples for the people. Furthermore, Gregory of Tours is not devoted to the Frank family by his disagreement in the actions they take. For instance, he opposes the many wars Clovis has taken on over the years. On the other hand, Gregory has shown the actions of a
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