Gremlins Informative Speech

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When asked "Who do you think is the best villain of all time?", you probably wouldn’t reply with gremlins. Well I'm here to tell you that you're wrong when you say that they're not evil. These goblin-like creatures from the 1984 movie "Gremlins" are the outcome of when an alien experiment to make a universal peace ambassador eats after midnight. Gremlins prove to be evil by literally having no feelings and their destructive behavior. Some may argue for Gizmo's sake but I'll talk more about that later One reason I believe that gremlins are the best villains is that they literally have no feelings. For instance, in one scene from the movie, the gremlins are playing poker. Well the gremlin leader loses and kills the winner because he thought that they cheated. If you can just kill one of your own kind for beating you in a game of poker, you have no feelings and that is evil. But then again, gremlins are said to have no value of life for other gremlins; often killing and beating each other for fun Here is another example; as a "prank", the gremlins sabotage an older lady's stairlift. Well she decides to go upstairs and before you know it, she's getting launched out a window at the top of her steps and dies. That seems pretty evil to me. Another reason I have for believing gremlins are the best villains is…show more content…
Gizmo. Well let me give you a little science lesson. Gizmo is not a gremlin. Gizmo is a Mogwai. A Mogwai is the first stage of the gremlin lifecycle. Step 1 is cute and cuddly. Step 2 is a stationary cocoon. Step 3 is where it gets real evil. See, Gizmo has the self control to not get wet and eat after midnight. The other Mogwai lack this self control and just want to get to the gremlin stage. As seen in the movie, the bad Mogwai who want to become gremlins trick Billy into feeding them after midnight, thus starting their lifecycle. ALL gremlins are
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