Grendel And Beowulf Comparison

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Beowulf is an epic poem about a brave heroic man that comes and helps a king get rid a monster. An epic poem is a story about someone who has heroic like ideas in a society. Beowulf is a story that was sung by the bards and scops because that would be the only thing that will be passed on even after his death. It was written by the Anglo-Saxons, who did not believe in the afterlife, unlike Christianity. So the warrior would have to do something that would let his memory be passed on. This society was based on the qualities of courage, being amicable, and the biggest quality of all was loyalty.Even though, for the last battle of Beowulf the all left him alone with the monster except for Wiglaf. He is a very brave man but has flaws and temptations that become his downfall. Although, he was adulated by everyone for killing the monster, he knew that he was a bad king to his kingdom and wanted to make up for it by killing getting the treasure and giving it to the kingdom. In Beowulf, there were similarities and differences between the humanity …show more content…

They both showed the humanity of Beowulf and Grendel, the foreshadowing, and the and the temptations of Beowulf. He was seen as a monster in society and that he was made this way by society. Also, Beowulf was seen as a god because during the poem they said he was really strong, like godlike strong and that he was able to rip Grendel’s arm off. Then, he was not able to rip his arm off. Also, when the king gives Beowulf the dragon hoard and explains to him how to kill the dragon. Which lead to him later on in the movie that he killed his son which was the dragon that was terrorizing the kingdom. He killed him by ripping out his heart. Like, when he was telling the story of why he lost, but he failed to mention that he had lost because of a mermaid that lures him down into the ocean. That showed that he was tempted by the beautiful

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