Grendel Is A Monster Essay

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They think he is a monster. While it is true that he is of the bloodline of Cain, it has not always been that he has despised the people who live in the village. Not too long ago in deep space there was two totally different planets. Planet Anglo-Saxon and planet X, planet Anglo-Saxon was a kingdom made of humans which was dominated by King Harold. While planet X was home to the outlaws or as other people say monsters which was dominated by an evil Queen who was the mother of Grendel. Grendel prince of planet X, was a cyborg half demon and half demon. Grendel is a cyborg because of a curse that was brought upon him when his descendant Cain was documented as the first murder and was exiled to planet X nearly 60 years ago.
60 years later and planet X is kingdom dominated by Prince Grendel and his Queen mother. Grendel is has a beautiful wife named …, Grendel is seen and admired as a hero on planet X. Although Grendel is praised as a hero at home he felt like something was missing, he came upon a thought that he would like to make amends with planet Anglo-Saxon. It was a gloomy day on planet X and Grendel had his mind set on making peace with the people that saw him as a threat. Grendel was almost ready to set off for his trip he had everything packed and ready meals, clothes, and routes to
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Knowing Grendel he will die before having his community slaughtered by the humans who locked them away. Grendel tell the men how they will have to go to war soon with Beowulf and they would have to be ready for any foul play. As a leader Grendel had an abundant amount of composer, but on the inside he was filled with fear. He knew what he had to do, he had to train his army because he knew he could not do it alone. Grendel dismisses the meeting and goes into hiding in his secret lair. Grendel tries to stop the problem before it gets out of hand, he contact beowulf to be the bigger man, but Beowulf will not
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