The Shaper's Message In Beowulf

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In the novel Grendel, the Shaper’s messages connect strongly with human society as to how people influence each other. Nowadays, many leaders such as the President of the United States who convinces people to do many things. For instance, in the states, we can find a modern day shaper, Donald Trump. He is trying to convince people to “kill evil", by sending his messages via Twitter. This can also be found in Grendel, in which the Shaper shows that humans need a message that convinces them to fight evil. In the story, Grendel is the evil one, and The Shaper mainly tells stories through singing and his harp to inspire and influence the Danes to fight evil whom is Grendel. The Shaper’s myths, or the way he has told stories have inspired shows how humans need a message that would convince them into not only killing evil, but many acts. By doing so, he sang while playing his harp to influence the warriors and people such as Grendel. He had a scene when Grendel came into his forest where the Shaper started singing a song about how the world is split into light and darkness because of an argument between two brothers. This made the Shaper claim that Grendel is on the evil side, cursed by God. Because of the Shaper's words being really powerful, Grendel almost believes it. This made Grendel…show more content…
In the Grendel novel, the warriors, or the Danes take action to fight against Grendel according to Shaper's words. Beowulf, one of the warrior who tried to most to fight Grendel. "finding quote". In this quote, it shows how the warriors were really hostile just to prepare to fight against Grendel. It mainly explains how the influence the warriors had from the Shaper's word were really meaningful. But in Donald Trump's case, people would take action by getting tweets from Trump himself which influences the people in the states to "kill

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