Grendel Vs Beowulf Research Paper

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Compare and Contrast In both Grendel and Beowulf, Beowulf is perceived as a warrior who ultimately ended Grendel's life. However, there are different standpoints of the way Beowulf acted and how he took Grendel's life. From both books, you can see the likeness and also the differences in which Beowulf made himself out to be in the book Beowulf and how he was actually seen by Grendel in Grendel. As has been mentioned, Beowulf is a character in both Grendel and Beowulf. However, in the epic poem about Beowulf, he is seen as this glorious, superhuman soldier who is called upon by King Hrothgar because he is the only hope the kingdom has. Beowulf’s followers, the Geats, worshiped him and stood by his side after he dived into the lake chasing after Grendel’s mother. They waited for Beowulf even when the rest of the kingdom gave up home and left the marsh. Beowulf was made out to be this immortal warrior who could not die, and faced every fear without even hesitating. He was very boastful, and after falling to the dragon, he told his men to build a tower on the cliffside in order for every ship passing by to know how great Beowulf was. He was not shy of praising himself. The story of Beowulf exemplifies him as this amazing person who will go down the the slaying of Grendel as a trophy. On the other hand, in the book Grendel Beowulf is not portrayed…show more content…
We see different perspectives from both authors of how two different characters see Beowulf. A self centered perspective is not always the best way to see a character’s true persona. However, Grendel’s perspective is not the most credible and is hard to understand at times. All in all, Beowulf is a man who killed Grendel for the kingdom, but no one will ever know if it was simply a coincidence that Grendel slipped in his own mess, or if Beowulf was really this incredible man who was this great
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