Grendel's Creature In Beowulf

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Grendel is a human-eating devious creature that seeks revenge on the Danes. Throughout the story Beowulf by Tom Shippey, Grendel is known as a very dangerous creature. Many people see him as a threat and they are very scared of him. Every night he seeks revenge on the Danes for the misery they have put him through his whole life. When Beowulf comes in to be a hero and save the day tells told Hrothgar “That I, alone and with the help of my men, May purge all evil from this hall” (165-167). Beowulf was making sure that they knew he was going to fight Grendel with no fear of losing. Grendel was an evil creature that was all about him-self, he wanted to seek revenge on the people who hurt him. Grendel also had no support from his mother which caused him to want to kill. Grendel was an evil creature that lived in Herot, he is all about himself and didn’t care for others. Throughout the story you can see that Grendel does not speak to anyone but when he tries to they do not understand him. As Grendel grew up everyone always had it out for him and was always talking down on him because of the way he looked. One example of him being put down would be when he was told “Go back to…show more content…
Since his mother wasn’t there to guide him he became independent and relied only on himself. Once Grendel was known to be dead she then stepped up and decided that she wanted to help him; his mother then wanted revenge. Grendel did not care much for his mother and often said bad things about her, like “Be-hind my back, at the worlds end, my pale slightly glowing fat mother sleeps on” (Gardner). In this quote Grendel is explaining the way his mother looks, instead of telling her how beautiful she is he telling her she is hideous. Once Grendel’s mother found out he was dead she decided to help after all these years. She made her first trip by taking someone close to Hrothgar, and she killed
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