Grendel's Destruction In The Epic Of Beowulf

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Grendel, the ravaging monster who lies outside the borders of the Dane society, despises the cries of happiness and boastfulness. He is the “name of the grim demon,” who descended from the dangerous Cain (102). Representing the epitome of evil, Grendel attacks at night while all the villagers are feasting and drinking. Grendel's path of destruction lasted for 12 winters. His actions are motivated by real human emotions such as jealousy and wickedness. Despite Grendel's actions, there is one hero by the name of Beowulf who stands up to Grendel in the mead hall. While all the Dane's flocked to their homes on one night, Beowulf and his men, known as Geats, awaited the threatening Grendel. Unfortunately, he stormed through the doors, he "turned
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