Grendel's 'Main Themes In Beowulf'

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In Grendel there is many different main themes in the story. They all share their own important part on how Grendel is view by the reader and the people in the story. Most of the main themes make you feel more sympathetic with Grendel; than you did in Beowulf. One of the main themes is humans and monsters. At one part of the story Grendel overhears the harper talking about Grendel and goes into the mead-hall. “ I staggered out into the open and up toward the hall with my burden, groaning out, ‘Mercy! Peace!’ The harper broke off, the people screamed. (They have their own versions, but this is the truth.) Drunken men rushed me with battle-axes. I sank to my knees, crying, ‘Friend! Friend!’ They hacked at me, yipping like dogs.”(Gardner 51,52)
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