Grendel's Mom And Beowulf Comparison

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In the story of Beowulf we will be learning about a brave warrior who comes from denmark to stop monsters that terrorize Hrothgar and his people.The story of Beowulf has been changed alot over time and from different cultures and beliefs.In the Beowulf movie and poem,there are similarities and differences in gender role,behavior of a hero, and Grendel's mom, which reflect value of the Anglos Saxons and modern society.

During the Anglo Saxon time area women were considered weak,frail and were not able to go into battle. Women's roles were mainly things like cleaning the mead hall,pouring alcohol for the soldiers and sex. One important female in the movie is Grendel's mom, who is a monster that is deadly,scary and strong. During the story
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In the movie they make her character beautiful and seductive. She is so attractive that even the strongest of men would fall to her and be defeated such as beowulf. But Grendel's mom is actually really evil and places curses on men that she seduces. In both the movie and the poem she attacks and kills thanes in the meadhall because of the lost of her son, grendel. One example of her attacks is on line 411-414 it says “she Took a single victim and fled from the hall, running to the moors, discovered, but her supper assured, sheltered in her dripping claws. She’d taken Hrothgar's closest friend. The attacks on the mead hall was for the revenge of Grendel's death. But in the poem beowulf has an intense fight with her and almost loses but still manages to kill her. On line 520-525 it says ”lifted it high over his head and struck with all the strength he had left,caught her in the neck and cut it through, broke bones and all. Her body fell to the floor,lifeless, the sword was wet with her blood, and Beowulf rejoiced at the sight.” But in the movie beowulf gets defeated by a curse by having sex with grendel's mom and has a non peaceful ruling of 50 years, unlike the poem where he happily rules for 50 years. IN conclusion I think that these two different perspectives of the story helps me to understand on what was going on or could have happened.Overall the story and poem are different and has different points of view towards the story that is being told of beowulf. I also think that us as people who read and try to learn about a culture must respect and understand another's
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