Grendel's Mother: A Character Analysis

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Throughout the story Grendel is very dependent to his mom. At first as he was young, he would always depend on her, for her help. Grendel is very immature in the beginning of the story. Grendel wonders of too much, and when he is in any kind of trouble he calls for his mother. Grendel is kind of like his mother. Grendel's mother is cruel. While Grendel is growing he is an immature little kid always going his own way. While Grendel was younger, he seemed to care more about his mother, he would worry about leaving her alone. “ Poor old mama”(gardner 18), Grendel said that because he was thinking he would stay stuck between those two tree trunks forever and starve to death and leave his mom alone. Grendel begins to realize that he is alone that there…show more content…
All Grendel does is look at the activities the people would do and after night he would hunt for people and he would eat them. He wasn’t only killing and eating the people, but he would also go into the town to try and eat more men while they were sleeping. When Grendel was younger, he seemed to care about other things he has immature and afraid of the world. But once he had realized he alone existed, he stopped caring. There were times where Grendel worried more about killing the man. He would be excited and he would enjoy eating them. One thing he did hate was the smell of them men that would kill each other he hated seeing all the men going to waste instead of him eating them. Grendel enjoyed killing people so much that at times he would laugh because he knew he could tear them up with his strength. H hated Herod, he would always watch the king, as he would grow old. Grendel also liked sitting around listening to all the tales the shaper would tell. He liked them because he found meaning in them. Even though Grendel had he’s worries that didn’t make him change, he was still evil and cruel. Even when he was dying, he cursed the
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