Grendel's Mother In The Epic Of Beowulf

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It all started when Hrothgar, King of the Danes, built a mead hall by the name of Herot. But little did he know that a monster that has been cast out by humanity, now lurks upon the beautiful hall. One night, as the night sky appears, the vicious monster Grendel makes this joyful hall, his very own slaughter house. After this brutal attack, a man named Beowulf hears of the creature that is terrorizing this innocent land. He then gathers his best men, and heads to this land and in courageous honor, requests to defend the kingdom and defeat the monster. After doing so successfully, Beowulf becomes a hero in the land of the Danes, and now his story is told throughout the centuries. Being told verbally for many years, the great heroic story is…show more content…
Grendel’s Mother in the poem seems like just the typical protective mom that is always there for her child. In the poem, she goes into battle with Beowulf, and fights to defend her boy’s name. Like the poem, in the movie, after Grendel is defeated by Beowulf and Grendel’s Mother finds out, she craves that vengeance of her only son. But unlike the poem, when Beowulf looks to go into battle with her, there is no battle he finds out that she is actually a very beautiful woman. So, of course Beowulf becomes a victim to her promising words, “Since you took away my only son, stay here and give me another, and I will promise you peace as long as the gold cup stays in my hands.” These words obviously made Beowulf fall deeply in love and her astonishing body made Beowulf’s decision of the deal very easy. After Beowulf returned, and through many years of peace during his reign, the gold cup returned, and the promise was broken. Beowulf became very terrified in the remembrance of the deal, and as a dragon is terrorizing the village, Beowulf launches into action and tries his best to defend the village. But, though he defeats the dragon, he is killed in the battle. In conclusion, the Beowulf poem and movie has both similarities and differences. The similarities and differences are what makes it all important to the societies that created them. The differences though is what makes the movie’s visual
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