Grendel's Motivation In Beowulf

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Many time we are asked why we do the things we do. What is our motivation for the things we do? Does someone tell us it do it or do we do it because it’s fun? You can find motivation in many strange and different things. Motivation can be derived from family or friends, personal interest, and even conflict. In Beowulf, there are fights with three different monsters. Beowulf, the hero, has different motivations for fighting each monster. Beowulf didn’t have to fight any of these monsters, but he choose to. During the epic poem, Beowulf, Beowulf’s motivations for fighting the monsters are duty, glory, and sacrifice. To begin, in the epic, Beowulf, Beowulf fights Grendel because of duty. Beowulf comes from the land of the Geats, and travels…show more content…
After Beowulf defeated Grendel he leaves and Grendel’s Mom comes and seeks revenge for her fallen son. When Beowulf returns the King of the Danes, Hrothgar, is in mourning because Grendel’s Mom killed one of his best warriors. Beowulf tells Hrothgar that is it not a time for mourning and that it is a time for action. “All men must die; let him who may Win glory ere death. That guerdon is best For the noble man when his name survives him.” (Lines 898-900) Beowulf wants to be remember for something heroic, so he fights Grendel’s Mom. He fights for fame and…show more content…
Fifty years after the going to the land of the Danes, Beowulf is back home and King of the Geats. A dragon that has been asleep for a very long time has woken up and threatens the kingdom. Old man Beowulf takes warriors to go and fight the dragon. All of the warriors flee but Wiglaf. Beowulf is mortally injured fighting the dragon but manages to kill it with the help of Wiglaf. After killing the dragon Beowulf wants all of the dragon’s treasure to go to his people. “For all of this, that His grace has given me, allowed me to bring to my people while breath Still came to my lips. I sold my life For this treasure, and I sold it well.” (Lines 818-821) Beowulf didn’t have to go and fight the dragon but he choose to sacrifice himself for the good of the people. If he didn’t give his life many others would have lost theirs.
In conclusion, Beowulf has different motivations on why he fights the three different monsters. He fights Grendel because it is his duty, he fights Grendel’s Mom for glory, and finally he fight the dragon to sacrifice himself for his people. Motivation is an unusual thing take can lead us to do unusual things. We Can find motivation almost anywhere. Sometimes we have a lot to motivate us and sometimes we have very little motivation. All in all, motivation the the driving force behind everything that we
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