Grendel's Narrative Essay

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“Grendel should be home now, what is wrong with that child,” the mother of the descendant of Caine thought.
Just then Grendel burst through the ceiling, deep dark red blood gushing from his shoulder. He trails blood through the chalet towards his room where he collapses from his injuries on his bed. His mother instantly falls to his side trying to save him but it is too late for he has passed.
“SO MUCH BLOOD. IT IS EVERYWHERE.” The She-troll thought hysterically. “Grendel, baby, WAKE UP!” she calmly spoke, “He’s just sleeping, he is just tired from eating tonight.”
As she paces the hovel, she decides to visit Grendel’s feasting ground. As she draws near the Hall of Hearts she hears the celebration of the Danes as they shout, “Well met Beowolf, Excellent kill, Down with Grendel”. Infuriated she waits until the dead of night to spring an attack.
“They DARE celebrate the death of my son, Death, ruin, and destruction I shall rain upon them for their insolence. They shall feel the agony of losing those close to them!” she rages as she severs the head from the guard posted outside bursts through the hall’s large wooden doors, grabbing another drunken idiot. As she fled the gory scene, she spied her son’s bloodied arm placed upon the wrecked door
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Then Beowolf dove in after the other serpents descended into the depths, but he was snatched up as he neared the bottom by the She-troll. Crashing through the ceiling of her hovel he was greeted by a series of attacks meant to gorge his eyes out. As the battle raged on blood from both adversaries seeped up to the surface, discouraging the waiting men above that their contender was alive. Far below the decisive blow was struck from a magical sword, the head of the She-troll rolled to a stop inform of her son granting her one last look at her son before death tighten its grasp upon
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