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The Role of Supporting Characters that Affected Grenouille’s Character Development In the novel Perfume, Patrick Suskind illustrates the dark side of humanity through the use of supporting characters. The main character, Grenouille grew up in an environment that lacked love and care that is vital for children during their adolescence. There is a lack of emotion that is shown through the novel beginning with the supporting characters, which translates into Grenouille emulating the same lack of emotion later on in his adult life. Grenouille growing up in an environment with a lack of emotional stability may be the cause of his general mannerisms and lack of emotion within himself because it was never displayed toward him. Grenouille’s emotional…show more content…
He treated Grenouille no better than Madame Gaillard had, no more than a domesticated animal that only needed the barest essentials. “In the evening, he meekly let himself be locked up in a closet off to one side of the tannery floor, where tools were kept and the raw, salted hides were hung. There he slept on the hard, bare earthen floor.” (Suskind, 14) The tanner had locked Grenouille in a closet at night so he would not escape from his captivity. While Grimal did not physically harm or physically abuse Grenouille, he did not treat him with the respect and care a human being is entitled to. In addition, the tanner did not feel any remorse for his actions. After Grenouille survives the perils of having anthrax and shows himself to be a diligent and hard-working apprentice. Since Grenouille survived the fatal disease he could no longer contract it again, therefore increasing his value of work and the value of himself, as he could no longer be so easily replaceable. “Suddenly he no longer had to sleep on bare earth, but was allowed to build himself a plank bed in the closet, was given straw to scatter over it and a blanket of his own. He was no longer locked in at bedtime. His food was more adequate. Grimal no longer kept him as just any animal, but as a useful house pet.” (Suskind,

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