Gretel: A Fictional Narrative

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Before she overheard what her stepmother had to say, she ran as fast as she could back to the fireplace. She figured that she should get some sleep and devised a plan to go hunting for squirrels the next day. Gretel became exhausted from fatigue, so she fell asleep.

She woke up with a sudden jolt as snowflakes tickled her face. She scanned the area to find that no one was there to rescue her. She got herself together and whispered some prayers for Hansel. She gathered some sticks, pebbles and an elastic band that was tightly wound around her hand.

Once Gretel was done, she walked a different path that did not lead her back home. She figured that she must grow up and learn to live on her own if her parents did not want her. Hansel would
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He then served her a good meal: milk and pancakes with sugar, apples and nuts. Afterwards, he set up a bed where she was to sleep. Of course, Gretel thought this man was indeed very kind to lend a helping hand and had forgotten what her father had taught; “Never answer a stranger because they can lure you in with anything. You do not know what they will do to…show more content…
She realised that it was not the ground that was trembling, but the man shaking her.

“Wake up girl. Wake up,” the man spoke in hushed tones, “you were crying and I heard. Did you have a nightmare?”

Gretel who was shaking, stuttered, “Yes, yes. My…my brother, he died last night when I was lost in the forest. In my nightmare, I saw the wolf chasing my brother and devouring every piece of him and left his bones bare. I’m scared.”

The man, not knowing how to comfort humans as he was not one himself, awkwardly hugged her. He was alarmed that the nightmare the girl had was indeed what happened to her brother and wondered if she knew whether the wolf was him. So he prompted her and asked, “Did you see what the wolf looked like?”

Gretel was shocked at what he asked. But she ignored what her heart was trying to tell her after all, what he did for her was something she must forever be thankful for after being rejected by her own parents. So for the next few days, Gretel grew comfortable with the kind man, or so she
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