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Humans and nonhuman primates have virtually the same physical and behavioral characteristics; however, there are several aspects that distinguish them from one another.The grey mouse lemur is a primate that are small and very active during the night because that is when they do their hunting. There are various types of gray mouse lemur that can be found in the forest of western and eastern madagascar. According to BBC Nature Wildlife Website, gray mouse lemur prefer to be isolated from other primates to be foraging during the night; however, during the day they enjoy socializing with others as a group. Several things they forage in the nights are insects, fruits, flowers, and other plants. As stated in the Animal Adversity Web, over 250 grey mouse lemur can be found in captivity worldwide. They live their entire life up in the trees and it is bizarre to see one on the the ground (Gray Mouse Lemur Website). Living up in the trees is one of the ways to secure themselves from predators due to their small body. Their body are easily to be attracted to predators, which can cause them to be eaten by them. In addition, living up there on trees for up to 5 days is the maximum because their odor is vigorous.They are able to adapt easily to a new environment climate changes. For instance, they can also be living in the hot…show more content…
They are also known for catching invertebrates and small vertebrates with their quick hand grasps (Gray mouse lemur Wikipedia).. According to Animal Diversity Website, the lifespan of a male is 14 years and a female is 15 years. In addition, the females sleep in groups of up to 15 and they are also dominant over males. The main key behaviors of the grey mouse lemur are the following: arboreal, nocturnal, motile, social, sedentary, dominance hierarchies, and scansorial (Animal Adversity

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