Grey Water Experiment

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Biology literature review 2 (Journal) “Effects of greywater irrigation on plant growth, water use and soil properties” Summary Many glass house experiments were performed to study the growth, use of water and soil properties of the silver beet plant when watered with greywater. The treatments used during this experiment were: 100% of potable water, 100% of greywater and a mixture of potable water and greywater (ratio 1:1). The experiment concluded that the greywater had no effect on the soil quantities but it only had an effect on the increase of the pH and EC level of the soil compared to the control and alternative irrigation treatments. The experiment that involved the mixture of potable water and greywater resulted in pH and EC levels…show more content…
The sample that has been used is silver beet plants. It is not the same type of plant in my research therefore the results could differ. This source did help me to narrow down my research and increase my knowledge on the topic as it gave me an idea of what the conclusion could be in my experiment as I will also be using “grey water” (in my experiment it will be water that is polluted with detergents.) The source also gave me a clear indication on how to structure my experiment and what quantities must be used. This source is not a first person account as it is factual and is based on the conclusion of the experiment that was done. The source is objective as it refers to facts and findings. The source is not outdated as it is only 7 years old. Reference : Pinto, U., Maheshwari, B.L. and Grewal, H.S. (2010) ‘Effects of greywater irrigation on plant growth, water use and soil properties’, Resources, Conservation and Recycling, 54(7), pp. 429–435. doi:…show more content…
Insufficiently treated greywater was evaluated on soil and plants, in a pot study, to test its effect on the environment. The commercial greywater systems comprised of filtration systems and wastewater treatment systems. The experiment concluded that both systems that were used might have slight environmental effects on plants. Further studies have to resolve the risk that is associated with the re use of greywater. Analysis The publication date of this material was on the 19 Feb 2008. This internet source is updated regularly as it is a blog page and people post on the page often and update their research. I have not found any other research that has cast doubt on some findings as this experiment is specific to a certain type of plant that has not been experimented on yet. There is no evidence of bias in this article as this blog clearly described the results of an experiment that was conducted and it is based on facts. The tone of the writing is very assertive as it is formal and factual. The language quality is emphatic as the author has a very clear view of the topic that is being

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