Greybull Motel Incident Summary

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On the date of 03/08/2017 at about () hours I was dispatched to the address of 300 N 6th St (the Greybull Motel) in Greybull to a reported domestic violance situation. I was informed by dispatch that the reporting party was in the office of the motel at this time.

Upon my arriavl at the above location I spoke with the reporting party, Donald MOFETT() who informed me that his girlfriend had struck him multiple times in the face, neck and shoulder. I observed that MOFETT 'S left eye apeared to be swollen, I also observed marks on the left side of his face, and on his right sholder. When I asked MOFETT what had happened prior to the incident he stated that himself and his girlfriend Montica ROMERO() had gotten a motel room to have some time away from her family that they are staying with, and that both parties had consumed alcohol. MOFETT informed me that both parties had began verbally arguing when ROMERO
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ROMERO informed us that she had gone for a walk to calm down and was not running from us. When asked what had happened before she had let the motel ROMERO informed us that she had been drinking and that she had "made a mistake". When asked if she had gotten into a alteraction with MOFETT she stated that she had and that she had struck him in the face multiple times. When asked if MOFETT had struck her ROMERO stated the he had not struck her. ROMERO informed us that she had been drinking, but stated she only had a couple "shots" of alcohol earlier in the day.

I then took ROMERO into custody and informed her that she was being charged with Domestic Battery (w.s. 6-2-511). ROMERO was transported to the Big Horn County Sheriff Department Detention Facility and booked for Domestic

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