Greydon In Your Face Analysis

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Many people can agree that we place a lot of importance on looks. But does everyone know why? A couple of reasons are because looks are the only thing we can judge without knowing someone. Also, people’s looks attract other people before anything else like their personalities. Which is why you would hear people say “love at first sight” not “love at the first time I actually got to know him/her”. People also assume your abilities based on your looks, the author of In Your Face, Shari Graydon, also says, “Sometimes especially beautiful performers find that directors underestimate their acting abilities and cast them in limited roles that require them to look good and not much else” (Graydon 107). So even though you might think that actors and…show more content…
It could make your life better because it could improve how you think of yourself. For example, in the book, In Your Face, Shari Graydon says “you’re probably more confident than the average person” (Graydon 101). This means you would think more highly of yourself than average looking people. Shari Graydon also says in In Your Face, that you get more attention and get treated better as it says in the book, “ they make many people think you must have other great qualities” (Graydon 101). This could be a reason that beautiful people get more attention because even though people do not know them personally, they assume they do know stuff about them. Which is also a bad thing because people can assume things about you that can be totally off. In the book In Your Face, the author says, “Some people might assume you're conceited, shallow, unintelligent, or untalented. They may think you don't have to work hard, as you get everything because of your looks” (Graydon 101). This means people will assume that you can do and get whatever they want because they're beautiful, which is not true because as I said before, sometimes actors and actresses don't get the role they want because they're
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