Greyhound Adoption Essay

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In our nation’s correctional system, more than one million men, women and young adults are living their lives in confinement. They’re there for a variety of reasons—anger, drug abuse, robbery, murder—but in time, most will get a chance at a better future. Meanwhile, 15 million prisoners of a different sort are facing a possible death sentence. They’re animals with whom we share our world—dogs, cats, horses and even wildlife. They’ve committed no crime, but they will be punished unless someone steps forward and gives them a second chance at life. A few days later, Taffy is relaxing in the cell of Eric Roberson, an inmate at the Mansfield Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison in Ohio. Taffy and Roberson are one of almost 30 inmate/shelter…show more content…
“We’re always looking for ways for our inmates to give back to society, and thousands of greyhounds are put down every year.” So Booher contacted Deborah Sanford of TLC Greyhound Adoption, and soon greyhounds were frolicking with inmates in the recreation yard and sleeping in cells. Each hound has a primary and a secondary handler, who teach the dog house manners and basic obedience. Most hounds leave the program after six to eight weeks knowing how to walk nicely on a lead and respond to commands such as sit, stay, down and come. Recently the Hutchinson facility expanded its animal welfare programs to include gentling and socializing wild horses in conjunction with the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) National Wild Horse and Burro Program. “BLM has quite an effort going on to adopt out these horses,” says Sam Cline, deputy warden. “But they’re usually difficult to adopt because they haven’t had much training. We’re working with the horses to make it easier and safer to place them with somebody in the public.” Known as the MCSO Animal Safe Hospice (MASH), the facility houses dogs, cats, ducks and other animals until their cases have been adjudicated and they’re able to be adopted out to the

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