Grey's Anatomy Stereotypes

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Shows such as Grey’s Anatomy depicted above are an ideal example of our ever-growing mindset with respect to the norm in the conventional values society holds today. Grey’s Anatomy portrays both female and male figures of all different sizes, races, and sexualities. I believe the reason why this shows identifies with such a widespread audience and has received such recognition is because the viewer is able to identify with these characters. The viewers can identify with these characters whether it be due their race, or ethnicity, upbringing, insecurities in their sexuality, and cultural backgrounds. For example, Callie, an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital and pediatric surgeon Arizona get married and have children. In the plot’s storyline we see Callie’s development, we see the struggles she’s endured, coming from a Hispanic household where being gay, lesbian, or bisexual is often times frowned upon. She especially has resonated with an enormous amount of viewers. In the show we also encounter Christina Yang, she goes completely against the stereotyped view that women let their emotions cloud their judgments. Yang has always been driven by her ambitions in succeeding as a cardiothoracic surgeon, throughout the show we see her time and time again abandon the idea of starting a family and fully committing to someone due the sense of obligation she feels toward her job.
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