Grey's Anatomy: The Influence Of Critical Thinking

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The ability to think is an innate action that, for the most part, all people possess. Nonetheless, not everybody has the ability or knowledge of how to develop this quality into something greater and beneficial. Critical thinking is not inherent; rather the skills necessary to think analytically must be learned and practiced with an open mind. It involves listening with the intent of understanding others, drawing conclusions based on strong evidence and asking curiously about the situation. Not only must one be willing to evaluate a situation slowly and thoroughly, but one must also respect the views of others and accept the possibility of being wrong. These skills and attitudes are only some of the traits of a strong critical thinker. Cheif. Webber, on Grey’s…show more content…
Throughout the various seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Chief Webber depicts time after time his ability to utilize his critical thinking skills as tools to better a situation and make the most beneficial decisions for his hospital. During season 6, the hospital experiences a merger meaning that two rival hospitals must become one and work together. Unfortunately, the mistrust and competitiveness amongst the surgeons leads to the death of a burn victim during the first few days of the merger. Chief Webber must discover who exactly was responsible for the death of the patient. To do so, he assembles the entire surgical staff that treated the patient and begins questioning everyone one by one as a way to discover what occurred the night of the death of the burn victim. Through this process, he embodies a critical

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