Greyson Chance's Waiting Outside The Lines

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A song can emotionally impact a person because all songs depict a certain theme. Theme of a song is present either to affect the person emotionally or to symbolize a problem within society. “Waiting Outside the Lines” by Greyson Chance presents both ideas of how in society, people view life with Boundaries, when life is meant to be explored rather than caged. Chances explains his idea of people taking a chance at life to view it in an unfamiliar perspective by using metaphors, the continuous transition of 1st and 2nd person point of view, the choice of interacting with the audience by asking questions, and finally with the repetition of the word “waiting” in the chorus. Also, according to the choice of rhythm and mood, the author incorporates a mood change and a tonal shift to present his own experience to gain the audience trust to do the same as him. Therefore, with the use of these rhetorical strategies, the writer is able to interact with the audience emotionally about how life has no boundaries, the choice to explore opportunities to achieve personal goals are made only if risks are taken.
The title of the song reveals an interesting phrase that symbolizes how a
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(line 27-30) Then again, the writer repeats the chorus to weigh the importance of the audience’s emotion and his emotion has they are going through the problem and they need that one step to cross over towards success. Therefore, the strategies presented in the second verse connect to the theme by build the message with advice that will emotionally affect the
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