Greystone Parks Psychiatric Hospital Case Study

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Origins of this Facility: In Morris Plains New Jersey the “Greystone Parks Psychiatric Hospital” is located. This facility goes as far back as 1876 in which this facility was operated from an older building and under different circumstances. Never-the-less this facility became over crowed, housing 7000 consumers and employing 14 000 staff members. During this period, patients were free to walk around the facility and patients who were in the “backward wards” were more symptomatic. This is where the term “backwards” receive this name. Furthermore, patients were being sexually abused by staff members and health related concerns. This older facility was later closed. The new facility was created and the older institution was later demolished. …show more content…

In addition to, some Consumers are not aware of their illness. Never-the-less, in the State of New Jersey people who are deemed as a danger to themselves or others due to a mental illness is involuntarily committed to this facility by a judge who has written the orders. At “Greystone Parks Psychiatric Hospital” there are certain protocols that must be followed before people are admitted into this facility. The protocol is as follows, patients stay in either the A1/B1 units. These are considered to be the admission units, an assessment is then completed. Once patients are treated and symptoms have resided within 30 days patients are released to resume their lives. In addition to, 50% of the people admitted are discharged back into our society. On the other hand, if people are admitted they are moved to other units. When patients are experiencing a crisis moment all available help is needed. Other criterion is people who have said to be incapacitated who are trying to escape the legal system and relating it to their mental behavior. People who have abuse children can also be admitted to this

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