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3.1 Grid connected inverter The grid connected inverter is the power inverter connected between solar PV system and the grid. The grid connected inverter is mostly microcontroller based as it has various advantages of low cost and the in built pulse width modulation. The DC output from the solar PV system is converted into the AC and fed back to the grid. Due to the direct transfer of power from solar panel to transmission line through inverter eliminates the necessity of batteries and thus reduces the space, cost and maintenance cost of the system. When the solid state inverter introduced its control strategy makes the connection of solar PV system with the grid more feasible as shown in fig 3.1. nowadays the transmission system operators introduced the standard grid codes for the small, medium and large solar power plant to maintain the quality of the injected power into the grid with respect to their power rating so that the smooth operation without any complications will be possible the standard grid codes are given in the table 3.1, on other side the use of transformer is made mandatory by the national electricity regulatory authority for the isolation purpose [1]
3.2 Microcontroller based GCI
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To recover the Grid connected solar PV system from the asymmetrical fault the best method is discussed here which is nothing but the positive sequence recovery through voltage support control method. These remedies are possible only with the help of microcontroller. The block diagram of the solar PV system with microcontroller based grid connected inverter is shown below in fig.

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