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LOST AND FOUND: A PHILOSOPHICAL VIEW OF LOSS AND GRIEF Vanessa A. Benipayo, Edison I. Introduction A loss is an inevitable part of life. It cannot be controlled nor break. It is in man nature that we all reach our endings, that there is a limitation. According to Dr. Christiane Pohl; the inner preoccupation with the loss is accompanied by intense reflection, awakening numerous memories and perhaps heralding the search for a new footing in life. (1997). In life, grief is a natural part of the healing process because we suffer from being left, we suffer from the feeling of being empty because of the pain and the grief we are dealing with. Whether the situation is separation or death II. Background of the Study A. Kinds of Loss • Death – A person very close to you has died, a family, a friend, a relative, or it can be a pet. • Illness – A serious illness of a loved one • Relationship Breakup – It’s either in the friendships or in a romantic relationship. • Financial Incapacity – Family Bills, Personal Bills, Medical Bills, etc. B. D.A.B.D.A. The five stages of grief. In some cases, a professional help would be needed or psychiatrists, doctors, and therapists, because they are responsible and a good help in coping up with the stages of grief and exploring emotions in managing grief. • DENIAL - Rush of overwhelming emotions, being shocked, and asking things like, "why this is happening?", and the denial of "it isn’t happening", is a defense mechanism. It helps us to pace

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