Grief And Loss Themes

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Grief and Loss Grief has a powerful effect on everyone’s lives. The heartbreaking feeling of losing someone close to you, like a family member or a significant other, alters how we view ourselves and act. Sometimes coping methods cause people to do things and make choices that they usually would not. This is illustrated in the films, The United States of Leland and The Fundamentals of Caring, where grief and loss are very prominent themes. The negatives and the positives are easily seen in grief and the full story always comes out after. In The United States of Leland, both grief and loss are seen and felt by the families of Leland and Ryan causing them to do things and make choices they usually would not. Following the death of Ryan, Allen planned to get revenge for his adoptive family. Becky turned to drugs, specifically heroin, and her boyfriend, instead of seeking help for the mental issues she was dealing with. In addition, Leland’s father comes to town and shows what appears to be a genuine concern for his son’s fate. Similarly, in The Fundamentals of Caring, Ben who grieves over the loss of his son, becomes a caregiver to Trevor, rather than obtaining a normal 9-5 desk job that would require much less work and provide much more pay. Ben chooses to isolate himself from the situation and deal with the traumatic event alone. People sometimes feel the need to retaliate, self harm, help others, or blame themselves when in grief and when coping with loss. They find the
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