Grilled Cheese Sandwich Research Paper

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Grilled Cheese Sandwich Experience
A grilled cheese sandwich is easy enough to create, right? Three ingredients: cheese, bread, and butter. I had watched my mother and father create one or me all my life. On this fateful day, when I had made my first grilled cheese sandwich by myself, I was seven. I was at my mother 's house and she was asleep.
I remember the bright sun rays greeted me. They tickled my eyes as if to say it 's time to start our day. Subsequently, my stomach roared like a roll of thunder demanding that it 's time to eat. So I stretched my body and then slid off my bed. With great urgency, I moved quietly down the hall, down the stairs and into the kitchen.
Our kitchen was smaller than most. The size of the kitchen made
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I pulled open the drawer that held all knives, spoons and forks. The drawer’s guides squeak and stick in protest. I waited to see if the noise was loud enough to wake my mother. After a few seconds of silence, I still did not hear her stir. I grabbed a butter knife from the kitchen drawer and quickly pushed it back closed, hoping the speed would make less noise. I tore a sheet of paper towel from the paper towel roll and use it as a plate. On top of the paper towel, I start to build a tower of the food items. First, I placed on the towel one slice of bread. Skillfully, one by one I pull the flimsy film cover from each slice of cheese. The strangely slimy, smooth pieces of cheese are now on the bread. Lastly, a slice of bread is set on top of the cheese slices. Digging my fingers under the edge of the margarine lid, I pry it from the tub. Grabbing the butter knife, I then proceed to dive the knife into the margarine. A large clump is scooped out. Carefully, I did my best to smear it evenly on the bread. Next, I flipped the sandwich over. Lastly, I was scooping another clump of margarine and spreading it on the dry side. Suddenly, I thought to myself, “How does this whole sandwich fit in the toaster?” I did not ever remember grilled cheese sandwiches popping out of a toaster. What a mess with the melted cheese everywhere! Perplexed, I looked around the kitchen and remembered we had a toaster
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