Grimm Fairy Tale Essay

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Storytelling has been passed down from one generation to another, whether it be for adults or children. Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm are well known for their collection of fairy tales, the Kinder Und Hausmärchenal (Children’s and Household Tales) which are now known as The Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Their fairy tales are known to be gruesome. Many of their tales have self-mutilation, heads are cut off, children injured, dangerous journeys, bullying, cannibalism, jealousy, punishments, etc. However, through the help of magic, talking animals, helpers, fairies, godmothers, etc. the tales end with a ‘happily ever after ending. ' After all, that is a definition of what a fairy tale entails of; magic, talking animals, a journey that helps the character mature,…show more content…
Suggesting that according to Bettelheim, fairy tales such as those of the Grimm Brothers helps to enlighten a child’s personality, calm unstable emotions they may have, and assist them to mature in some form that is good (Bettelheim, 12). “The Goose Girl” is one of the many fairy tales that the Grimm Brothers have written. It is a fairy tale that is not well known like “Cinderella, or “Snow White,” but the story relays important messages about lying, child development, and maturity. The moral lesson that “The Goose Girl” sends out is, that if one lies they should be aware of the consequences and take responsibility. The story also “gives symbolic body to two opposite facets of oedipal development” doing as such, a child develops in maturity and understanding of reality (Bettelheim, 138). The fairy tale guides the child throughout these two oedipal developments, the Electra complex and the Genital Stage (puberty) by relying upon many messages throughout the
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