Griselda Ayala Perez Research Paper

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From Shootings to Suburbia If you looked at Griselda Ayala Perez today, you would never guess that she grew up in one of the harshest neighborhoods in the country. She lived in Compton, California, a city well known for its gang violence and poverty. She has two kids, a husband, and lives comfortably in a cozy suburban house in the peaceful city of Overland Park. Although Mrs. Perez lives a fantastic life today, the real story lies within her amazing journey on becoming the person she is today. This is the story of how a strong woman came from the most violent rags to the most fortunate riches. “Instead of story books read to us at night, we fell asleep to bursts of gunfire.” This quote really stood out to me; I cannot even imagine what life was like living in such an environment. The stories we hear on the internet and see in movies about gang violence, robberies, and shooting was what Mrs. Perez had to deal with in her everyday agenda. During her childhood she lived with her mother in a house filled with aunts, sisters, and cousins. “We had to watch for one another” she explained. Everyday you had to be constantly aware of your surroundings, “anyplace can be just as dangerous as the next”. A historic event that Mrs. Perez…show more content…
Perez found her true love, Jorge Perez. She is currently happily married to him. “He is the love of my life, he took the responsibility as a father and I wouldn’t be where I am without him.” Mrs. Perez has been an excellent role model to her son's; they are both involved in soccer and have had high academic achievements. “I wanted them to have the absolute best childhood experience they can have, they didn’t have to go through what I did and they are very fortunate.” Starting from a rough childhood environment, Mrs. Perez turned a very harsh situation into nothing more than a tough obstacle to overcome. My admiration for Mrs. Perez is remarkable and I am very fortunate to know this aspiring person in my
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