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The captivating life of Griselda Blanco
One of the most known female criminal in America is Griselda Blanco.Blanco had many alias names such as the queen of cocaine and the godmother. Blanco was born in the slums of Medellin, Colombia. Blanco was a well known drug trafficker. She trafficked cocaine throughout America. According to Bio (2016), "she became involved with Colombia's infamous Medellin Cartel, helping to push Colombian cocaine throughout the United States, specifically to New York, Miami and Southern California." Blanco seemed like an ambitious women. Bio (2016) states that "throughout her time in the United States, Blanco's continued involvement in the Colombian drug trade led to her participation in several other crimes, including drive by shootings and other murders motivated by drugs, money …show more content…

According to Madison Gray (2014), at age 11 she kidnapped and killed the son of a wealthy family and then went on to pick-pocketing and prostitution to survive the violent environment she lived in. She also suffered domestic violence by her mother according to Bio (2016). Blanco got married and divorce. Blanco was a mother of four boys. According to Rafael Romo (2012), "one of them is still serving a sentence for drug trafficking in the United States, an two were murdered, while the fourth lives in Colombia." Her criminal life kept progressing once she met her second husband. Grey (2014) states that "her second husband, Alberto Bravo, introduced Blanco to cocaine dealing; in the early 1970s the couple moved to Queens, N.Y." She was a very aggressive and dangerous woman. Blanco then worked with the drug dealers named Alfredo and Grizel Loreno. According to David Ovalle (2012), they owed Blanco five kilos of cocaine which was worth $250,000. Ovalle (2012) also states that she murdered a 2 year old boy but her intentions was to murder one of her former enforcer. She did not feel guilty because she is satisfied with an eye for and

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