Griselda Pollock Critical Analysis

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Discuss and critically evaluate Pollock’s comment. Your answer should make reference to (i) gender and/or the body in the broad spectrum covered during the course and (ii) at least two works of art

In this essay I will discussing and critically evaluating Griselda Pollock’s comment while referencing gender and/or body in the broad spectrum while referencing two works of art.

Pollock’s comment I will be evaluating is “Deconstructing discursive formation leads to the production of radical knowledges which contaminate the seemingly ‘ungendered’ domains of art history by insisting that ‘sex’ is everywhere. The canon becomes visible as an enunciation of Western masculinity, itself saturated by its own traumatised sexual formation… In the same gesture we confirm that the sexual difference structures women’s social positions, cultural practices, and representation, we also sexualise, hence de-universalise, the masculine, demanding that the canon be recognised as a gendering and an en-gendering discourse. Not a matter of reverse sexism, the third strategy overcomes sexism and its straight inversion by naming the structures which implicate both men and women because they produce masculinity and femininity relatively, suppressing, in the same move, the complexity of sexualities that defy this model of sex and gender”.

Griselda Pollock is a visual theorist and cultural analyst. Pollock is known as one of the most influential scholars of modern, avant garde, postmodern and
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