Griswold Elementary School Writing Analysis

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Good writing stems from a strong foundation of reading skills. I remember sitting in the library of Griswold Elementary School listening to the librarian Mrs. Church telling us how if we are good readers we are good writers. As the group of eager little children that we were, writing was something that we loved to do and participated in often, so a chance of becoming better at it just made us want to read more. In this same library, the PTO held the annual Scholastic Book Fair, this event allowed kids to browse a selection of books and develop a understanding of the personal book genre that they enjoy. As children, you love to read and are encouraged to do so by your parents, friends and teachers. As you get older reading is something you…show more content…
I was not in the so called “Redcoat Land’ of Berlin where everyone was perfect. This surprised me because in all my years of going to Berlin Public Schools no one had ever negatively critiqued my writing. In 4th grade my teacher specifically told be that my writing was unclear and didn 't give enough details. Then in 5th grade, my teacher constantly told me I needed to work on my writing skills even though I won the DARE essay contest for our grade. In Elementary school they would give you scores out of 6, 4 was average and 5 or 6 was outstanding. I would frequently receive 3s and sometimes even 2s. However, the worst critiquing I have ever experienced was in 8th grade. My teacher Ms. Garncarz had us write narratives similar to the one I am writing now but she had us work in partnerships. After mostly working individually, with some help from my partner, my teacher told me that my writing wasn 't original and that I needed to stop having my writing rely on others. This took me back, because normally as children we were praised for our writing and collaborative efforts, however, now individuality is key and writing is criticized more than
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