Theme Of Grit In Othello

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Register to read the introduction…To Angela Duckworth grit is, “sticking with things over the very long term until you master them… the gritty individual approaches achievement as a marathon; his or her advantage is stamina”(pg 15). This shows that to be a gritty person you need to be able to hold onto something for a very long time untill you able to say that u succeeded. One connection that Dweck and Eskreis-Winkler make is to the iconic story of the tortoise and the hare. It is the best representation because it shows how people are in the real world trying to rush through everything and in end getting distracted by every possible component. While some take their time and no matter how many times they fall they get their act together and push on until success. There are many challenges that people go through every day and we don 't see that we are supposed to learn from…show more content…
Othello and Desdemona are married and her father does not approve but he still loves her and learns how to deal with this obstacle but as the play progresses, his dear friend Iago convinces him that Desdemona is cheating and he allows himself to believe that and changes his attitude towards her in such a negative way. He allowed himself to fall for a lie that he should have known that was wrong or instead confront Desdemona and see what was going on. Iago had a fixed mindset and didn 't go anywhere because he was too busy worrying about other people and their life styles. He didn 't like Othello because he was black and because of this he told him lies and even stole one of Desdemona’s handkerchiefs to try and make a point. If he would have a growth mindset he would have realized that it didn 't matter if Othello was black only that they were both happy. Moving on to Desdemona she was a very gritty person because she didn 't listen to her father when he didn 't approve and takes time and courage to do. She also didn 't let Iago’s accusations ruin what she had with Othello even if that wasn 't her choice she stood by his in a respectful manner. Desdemona’s father Brabantio also had a fixed mindset very similar to Iago because he did not agree with Othello and Desdemona being together because of his skin color. In the end he was the
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