Grit By Angela Duckorth Analysis

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Coming from the opinion of a conservative, John Glenn is pro Grit. After reading Angela Duckorth’s book and ideas, Glenn was very interested in what she has to say. With the idea of passion and perseverance over a long period of time, he believes it is more important then talent. After reading Angela Duckworth’s idea of grit, Glenn then tried to understand grit, not for what it is, but what it is not. Glenn’s understanding of it is, “It’s not shallow practice, it’s not mindlessly sprinting up and down the hardwood, nor is it obsessing over impractical goals.” He also discusses that grit can be acquired and developed when someone believes in it and excepts it. When giving an example of grit he explained it as how art saves lives…show more content…
She brings up the point that readers and viewers look for the darkness and evil being in the entertainment we have. Evil and suspense makes for a more interesting story and plot line. Myss states, “We love to hate our villains.” and she is right because society wants see evil occurring otherwise readings and shows would be boring. She points out that villains are usually show themselves with a mask, or have been shown as misfits to society. Although seem to be wealthy and doing well in their life they don't have many friends or people involved in their lives. Heroes on the other hand are portrayed as invincible, clever, and strong people that others look up to. Some show signs of being heart broken or to have secret identities, which makes then the person they are…show more content…
She a firm believer that all writers will always have more to learn. No matter how hard someone tries to study and try to learn to become a better writer, you cannot know it all. Writing constantly changes and you can acquire new techniques and lessons throughout time. There is always room for improvement and techniques to make your writing better. Writing requires an effort that will help you out in the future and make you stronger and a more educated person. Practices such as peer review for example is a great way to gain experience and is a positive way to learn from your mistakes. Another point Shirley states is that you cannot be born with the natural ability to write and know right from wrong. Over time fluency is gained and writing becomes easier but never

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