Gritty Definition Essay

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What is “grit”? According to Angela Duckworth. “grit” is defined as “perseverance and passion for very long-term goals” (Duckworth). “Grit” indicates future success more effectively than a student’s IQ or talent that schools measure. Anyone can become gritty if they are willing to put forth the effort. Gritty students are more likely to succeed in college because of a student’s perseverance, hard work, and resilience. Most importantly, gritty students have the perseverance to succeed. Gritty students are more likely to endure failure, because they do not believe that failure is a permanent condition (Duckworth). Students have begun to realize that whether they fail or succeed lies in their own hands. If a student fails a quiz, test, etc., the effort the student puts in will determine whether they continue to fail or use their failure as a learning experience. This is the difference between a gritty and non-gritty student. Gritty students would start over…show more content…
Students have to be willing to fail and to start over again with lessons learned (Duckworth). Everyone faces failure at some point in their life, but if you want to succeed, you need to have the strength to get back up again and preserver through. Resilience is what gives you the strength to get back up and try again after facing a difficult obstacle. To be resilient, a person must be flexible and confident. Gritty students are optimistic about the tough situation they are placed in and learn how to turn a negative situation into a positive situation by adapting to any obstacles thrown their way. They also confidence in themselves that they will be able to overcome the obstacles they face. Non-gritty students do not have the willpower to overcome negative situations as quickly as gritty students because of their negative attitude. Non-gritty students undermine themselves when they fail causing them to wallow in their emotions instead of having the confidence to bounce
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