Grizzlies Food Chain

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Grizzly bears are a dominant species in their niche. They are located in the north america deep into the forest. There favorite food is salmon. There ecosystem is filled with all sorts of other wildlife. Grizzly bears are also efficient in the ecosystem. Grizzlies are at the top of their food chain. Grizzlies like to eat fish, berries, insects, seeds, grass, elk, deer, fungi, and sometimes dead animals. Grizzlies are omnivores which means they eat both meat and plant. The grizzly helps in the nutrient cycle by keeping the ecosystem balanced. The grizzly does this by eating the fungi, elk, deer, dead animal, and fish. Without the grizzly then there would be a bit more of the organisms that the grizzly are. That 's how a grizzly fits in his nutrient cycle. …show more content…

The grizzly native home is in Alaska. They live in the arctic tundra, the dense forest and sometimes in the meadows. Grizzlies live in these habitats because there the most that they can adapt to. Grizzlies also go threw hibernation and this is when they stuff themselves up with food and sleep for all winter long. During this time the female grizzly usual has their offspring. Grizzlies were very populated and were at a balance point in the ecosystem. There was fifty thousand grizzlies in North America, historically. Now there are one thousand eight hundred grizzlies in North America. The grizzly bear is close to extinction. The grizzly bear is now on the endangered species list. In conclusion grizzlies are the best animals in their niche and will balance out the ecosystem well. But we need to help the grizzly get back up on its feet and get it out of the endangered species list. Therefore grizzlies are a unique and beautiful

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