Grizzly Bear Persuasive Essay

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Over the past years grizzly bear have been going extinct, this is because hunters go out and kill this amazing animal. People claim that hunting these “beast” supply food and others say that they kill for population control. This paper will talk about how there are big game hunters who are causing grizzly bears to become extinct, which means there is no reason for population control on these animals. Hunting for grizzly bears should not be allowed. Grizzly bear hunting is being treated as a sport and should be stopped. Hunting has been around for a long time, and many people treat it as a sport. People hunt and kill grizzly bears for personal records--not for population control; therefore, hunting them should not be allowed. They should be treated fairly in the environment. Hunting grizzly bears becomes more about who has the biggest display at their house and not about the care for the animal. According to Julie Cart a times staff writer “Most…show more content…
Grizzly bears are a part of the ecosystem. Grizzly bears are not just things out in the woods that should be hunted especially because they are an endangered species. Grizzly bears don 't need population control because there is not very many of them anymore so there is no reason that they should be hunted. According to Wendy Stueck “ A total of 13,804 grizzly bears have been killed by humans from 1975 to 2016.” (par. 3) In conclusion killing grizzly bears should not be allowed. This paper has shown you how hunting these animals does no good. Grizzly bears help provide food for other animals, by dragging the fish into the woods and letting other animals feed on its corpse. Another reason is that because of big game hunters grizzly bears are going extinct and hunters are not helping with this problem. This is why grizzly bears should not be hunted and instead help them to gain population in order to keep the ecosystem in a natural flowing
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