Grizzly Man Analysis

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Grizzly Man is a documentary film released in 2005 and followed a bear activist named Timothy Treadwell, he decided that he wanted to live with bears in Alaska. For thirteen years, during the summer month, Treadwell camped in Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska. During this time he had to hide from the authorities, he was on a personal mission in order to better protect the population of grizzly bears. He believed the park service rangers were not doing their job well and it was his duty to go out into the wilderness. The film depicts the past by including the original footage from Treadwell, this is because he always had the movie camera with him. Then, the present time was where the director, Werner Herzog, shot the footage. In the original footage, the bears did not seem to be the main focus; Treadwell made sure the focus was also on him. Throughout the movie he would make sure to talk to the camera and explain things about himself, his life, and what he believed was his purpose in life. He was always filming, therefore many times he would be able to retake certain…show more content…
He reveals himself to the audience and every viewer can openly see who he really is, by just being in the park was an amazing feeling for him. Despite being the reason for his girlfriend’s death, the way the audience grew his personality made that huge aspect not seem as important and it could have gone past the recollection of the audience. Throughout the movie, Treadwell expresses often how he would “die for these animals”, and in the end, he did. We knew from the beginning how badly this would end for Timothy yet, when it actually happened we could all feel it because we already established a connection with him in our minds. Additionally, Herzog interviewed the people in his life and all spoke very fondly of him, making the audience feel sadder while promoting Timothy and who he
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