Groakening: A Short Story

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Short Story Groaning, I tentatively open my eyes. I haven’t slept in 48 hours. My head felt like a torrent of glass shards jabbing into my brain. “Remind me to never ever stay awake for this long.” I whisper to myself. My mind reeling, I try to stand up, but then quickly collapse to the ground. “Ugh”. I yell! My room is a mess. “What the heck happened last night?” I say thinking out loud. My head still throbbing, I reach for the bottle of Advil to try and reprieve myself from misery. I push myself off the cold hardwood flooring in my room, and take a moment to collect myself. I start to hyperventilate. “Why is there a gun on the floor?” Slowing my breath, I force myself to peer downwards. My hands are covered in blood. But who’s, I ask

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