Groom Carpet Rake Case Study

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The grandi groom carpet rake by Groom Industries This groom carpet rake offered by Groom Industries is a well-designed and effective product that would refresh the look of your old and matted carpet. What users love about the carpet grooming rake is that it’s light, easy to use and useful in places where it’s hard to vacuum. But some do note it doesn’t help a lot with matted rugs. With its 18 inches head, wood handle, stiff, plastic tines and its size of 60 x 18 x 4 inches the Groom rug rake covers a lot of area quickly and it’s used by many professional carpet cleaners. Even though it’s expensive, it seems like an ideal solution for housewives that want to fresh-up their old rugs and remove persistent dirt. One customer shares that the broom rake is stiff and sturdy enough to bring out dirt and hair and she achieved such excellent results with it after shampooing the carpet that she couldn’t believe it. Another buyer mentions that the universal rug rake is perfect for hallways and small spaces where it’s impossible to get to with a vacuum cleaner and that after raking the carpet a few times in different direction it really looked fluffed up. However, some customers complained that the Groom carpet broom failed to remove embedded pet hair and they were very disappointed. Pros: easy to assembly, covers large…show more content…
Users love that the carpet grooming rake is useful for places with high traffic like a kitchen or a bedroom and that it’s easy for use and storage until you need it. With a size of 19.5 x 5.5 x 5.5 inches and a 3pieces plastic handle and plastic bristles, the carpet groomer really brings back that fluffy look that every housewife wants, but some customers note that the bristles break easily and it can’t be used if too many of them are missing. However, this rake for carpet sound like an ideal solution for removing any dirt and hair left after

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