Dog Grooming Practices

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We help dog groomers turn their passion into a successful business through interACTIVE eLearning and coaching that stick.

How we do it?
By using 6 highly effective teaching practices:
(1) Little theory and a lot of practice
(2) Engaging you in active learning experiences
(3) 100% relevant content
(4) Positive feedback culture in both ways
(5) Continuous support and coaching
(6) After-course job aids and tools.

What is the consequence if we didn`t apply these practices in training?

The average human brain does whatever it always does: forgets, and fast. Without active help to transfer everything essential into the long-term memory this is unavoidable. So don`t blame yourself for not remembering many things from a previous traditional course or school – this is absolutely normal human nature.
How much
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(2) Many misbeliefs often still hold in the world of groomers

Misbelief #1:
Quality work = quality service
Dog grooming is probably one of the last industries, where this assumption still holds. However, quality grooming only gets you into the game…

Reality: Outstanding customer service makes you win it; it is the #1 key to your business success

Don`t let others take your customers away because of this blunder. Quality work is a very important part of your service, but not the only one. Be customer oriented instead of entirely (dog) hairstyle oriented.

Misbelief #2:

Pet owners should be happy that I groom their nasty/stinky, …. dog.”

Groomers who believe this approach is still legitimate are living in the Stone Age and most probably enjoy the momentary situation of not having direct competition. But this can change in a blink of the eye…
Reality: You are a service provider. Unless you decide for whatever reason not to groom a dog, let your aura shine and show that you are happy to

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