Gross Schechter Day School: A Short Story

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Gross Schechter Day School was my home for 9 years, I grew up there and it helped shaped me into who I am today. Imagine this, the same 7 girls, and the same 12 boys, your whole life. You might think you would fit it with everyone, and everything would be okay. Well, you would be wrong. Flashback. Fourth grade, my two best friends and I were inseparable, we did everything together. As the years progressed I noticed a change as my two best friends pushed me farther and farther away until I was alone. Sixth grade comes along and I was friendly with everyone but not “friends” with them. Fights started to occur that pushed me farther out of the group of girls. It became 12 boys, 6 girls, and me. Alone. Last to be picked, last to be talked to,…show more content…
He walked up to me and said, “Why did you put this in my locker?” He handed me a folded up piece of paper. Clearly whatever it was, was upsetting to him. I took it, it read, “I know you do not like me very much and I always say I do not like you. That is just a lie to hide the fact that I am and always have been in love with you,”. I looked up and was shocked. Filled with rage, I looked at the boy in the eyes and said, “You really think, I of all people, would write this and put it in your locker?” He agreed it did not make sense. We put our dislike of each other to the side and figured out what to do. We went up to a girl I could trust, who told use to match the handwriting to our classmates papers and see whose it was. Finally, we figured out who it was, I could not believe what I had discovered. It was one of the girls I thought I could trust, turns out she was using me. After this incident I found her talking about me behind my back and telling another girl she was using me to become more popular in our class. Having finally lost one of my best friends I was clearly devastated and just tried to end my experience at Schechter in peace. Speaking only when necessary, staying out of the drama, being true to myself, the key to

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