Ground Hog Day Analysis

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Ground Hog day is a movie about a weather man that unenthusiastically covered the Punxsutawney, PA ground hog day affair for four years in a row. He is frustrated about a rat, as he identified the ground hog, which is capable of dictating the length of the winter season. He made it clear that people were crazy to believe that the ground hog’s shadow is the reason why winter is longer. In the interim, of his professional life and personal life, he experiences reliving the same day over and over again, ground hog day. Phil Connors, the main character in the movie, is annoyed with the experience of waking up to the same events every day that he begins to try and kill himself. He also tries to win the heart of his co-worker. Attempting to…show more content…
He soon mastered what would be happening before it took place. He had do something that he never did before to change the course of his situation. He fell in love with his co-worker and when he realized that he could not win her over by doing the same thing, he had to make some changes. It wasn’t until Murray started caring about other people, something he never did before that he learned how to enjoy his reoccurring. In my opinion, he learned how to relax and enjoy life. In addition, I believe that he once he saw the reaction of others because he treated them different and with compassion, he began to appreciate helping others. The concept of the film relative to leisure was to encourage people to try something that they never did before because you may enjoy it. Things will not turn out different in life if you do not learn new things or even meet new people. Doing the same thing you always done in life produces the same results. Sometimes you have to step back and evaluate Things to see what it is that needs to be done to fill your free time with activities that he help you relax and remain
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