Grounded In Prison Essay

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A punishment is the consequence of any sort of offence. There are different types of punishments that vary depending on the action taken. No matter the age or how serious the offence is. The feeling is the same, hopelessness and desperation. A child is most likely to get grounded as a punishment; while an adult may be sentenced to jail time. Although being in jail and being grounded seem to be extremely different they are not they both follow the same procedures which are isolation, limited communication, and lack of privacy. Both sharing the same goal. Being isolated from everyone is one of the many things you have to go through while being grounded; come to think of it that sounds exactly what being in jail is. Both of these punishments…show more content…
As a prisoner you are considered a danger to society because of the choices you have taken; you are limited to the calls made and people to see. When you are grounded parents take away the tv, cell phone, computer, basically anything that you can communicate with. This is done for a similar reason as a child parents set the rules, if they are broken all priveliges are taken away. Lack of privacy is especially experienced in jail but in some ways it is also experienced when being grounded. In jail prisoners are constantly monitored and checked everywhere they go. This is done because they are not trusted to make the right choices. When grounded parents might take the door down in a room to keep constant eye on the child. Searching the room and the child for anything they should not have as well. Privacy is taken away from both to force a change. Remorse and rehabilitation is a judges and parents hope of outcome from both punishments, being grounded and being in prison. By being stuck in a room thinking about the previous actions taken they expect you to learn a lesson and not do it again. The government expects the prisoner to change and obey the laws in the future. Reflecting on the actions taken while learning a lesson is the point of both punishments. To regain freedom a child is forced to obey the rules while a prisoner is forced to obey the
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